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why merch studio dtf transfers?

We answer your most common questions

What is direct-to-film(dtf) garment decoration?

It’s the newest technology for transfer-based full color garment decoration. Watch this to check out some of the things that you can do with DTF transfers.

Does DTF Shirt Last?

Can i add photos to my design?

What are the advantages of DTF transfers over heat transfer vinyl (HTV). 


What File types are best to send for dtf printing?

Although we can print any image file for DTF, not all file types will produce great results. For crisp images with no semitransparent pixels, please use:

  • .Vector files like .pdf, .svg and .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • png files with 300 dpi resolution
  • .psd file (Photoshop)

Should I flip/mirror my image?

Do not flip/mirror your image. It will be printed as is, so please submit them as you would like them to appear on the shirt.

How much does it cost?

We have simplified our price using a “sheet pricing” model. DTF Transfers are $8.00 per 22” wide x 12” long sheet or $38 per 22" wide x 60" long sheet + 8.25% sales tax and a flat shipping rate of $10.00. You can add as many designs as will fit on a sheet. 


All designs will be printed in the same size and color that you used in your gang sheet so please double-check that your images are true to size.

Why should I use a transparent background?

DTF printing software does not distinguish between the design and the background. If you send an image with a white background, the print will print that background and you will end up with a transfer that has a white rectangle around your design.

what is gang sheet?

A gang sheet is a transfer sheet that has multiple designs printed together. This is a more economical way to print transfers when compared to printing your design one at a time. 

do you review & edit artwork for your clients?

Gang services, trimming, vectorization and background removal are extra services that we provide for a fee. If you would like us to evaluate your artwork, please email us at quotes@merchstudio.co and we will send you a custom quote for these services.

what print dimensions should i use when creating my gang sheet?

You should use either 22 inch" x 12" or a 22" x 60" artboard.

For example, this gang sheet will work because it has a width of 19.86” and a height of 11.99”. It will be computed as a 12” x 22” gang sheet and cost $8.00 + tax and shipping:



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